Negotiation Skills Training

Negotiating is only for wheeler-dealers and salespeople, right? Wrong!!

Anyone who works with other people must be adept at negotiating. If you need to get something done with another person, you rarely order them to do negotiate! Reaching productive agreements is no longer solely the responsibility of those in management. Negotiating skills are crucial for everyone who works in teams, with other departments, and with customers. Even if you are w Jackpot winneer ind Eurolotto and have your own team, you need to negotiate. Our in-company negotiation skills workshop will show your employees and managers how to achieve a successful outcome while enhancing (or at least maintaining) their relationship with others.

Negotiating For Results

Most negotiations take place within the context of an ongoing relationship. This workshop will show you how to replace interpersonal tension, pressure, and anxiety by using a new process and new negotiation skills.

The workshop presents the Value Added Negotiation model, an enhancement of an approach first developed by Fisher and Ury, popularized in their best selling book Getting To Yes. This action-oriented approach can help you reach a true win-win outcome. It takes the mystery out of win-win negotiating by providing a specific process to follow that works.

Extensive use of examples, case studies and practice negotiations will prepare you to use the Value Added Negotiation approach in the real world. One or more practice negotiations are custom tailored to reflect typical situations in your organization.

* positional vs. value added negotiation
* Value Added Negotiation model
* negotiating with different types of people
* power in negotiation
* countering tactics and dirty tricks
* case study analysis and practice negotiations

1 1/2 day workshop. Shorter programs available.

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