Behavioral Interviewing Training

Behavioral Interviewing: Hiring The Best

Behavioral Interviewing TrainingResearch has proven that up to 75% of new hires will not meet management's performance expectations if traditional "gut feeling" interviewing is used. Behavioral interviewing can dramatically raise your hiring success ratio. Better hires mean increased productivity, lower turnover, higher morale, less training time, higher morale, and better quality and service for customers. Behavioral interviewing is a structured interviewing strategy built on the premise that past behavior is the best predictor of future performance in similar circumstances. This workshop will show you how to design and conduct behavioral interviews to hire the best people for your organization.

* Why use behavioral interviewing?
* Behavioral interviewing process model: a step-by-step interviewing guide
* Common behavioral interviewing questions you can use

* How to develop competencies to define the key success factors and behavioral characteristics required for top performance in a position

* How to develop effective behavioral interviewing questions and follow-up probes
* The Interviewing Game (review of behavioral interviewing concepts)

* Behavioral Interviewing practice: developing several competencies for an actual position you wish to fill, designing behavioral interview questions to assess candidates against competencies, conducting a practice interview.

* Behavioral Interviewing problems to avoid
* Brief review of legal guidelines for interviewing

1 day workshop.

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