What Works?

Tips for trainers, human resource professionals and organizational consultants

Affirmative Action

* Affirmative Action: How It Applies To You

Behavioral Interviewing

* Behavioral Interviewing
* Having Trouble Convincing Managers To Improve Their Interviewing Skills? Try This!

Consulting Skills

* Action Planning For A Successful Meeting
* Been To Any Good Meetings Lately?
* Building Alliances
* Forming Partnerships With Line Managers
* The Calf Path (poem)


* Achieving Win-Win Outcomes Through Good Bargaining
* Four Qualities of Successful Negotiators
* Top Ten Ground Rules For Win-Win Negotiating

Training Issues

* Designing Training With "Remote Control" Thinking
* Familiarity Doesn't = Competency
* How To Protect Yourself From The Pratfalls, Pitfalls, and Perils of Outsourcing Training
* Laugh, Listen, and Learn
* Measuring Training Results
* Motivating Your Trainees: Making It Interesting So They Want To Learn


* The Six Deadliest Sins of Presentations

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